Saturday, April 12, 2014

My God Provides For Me

It's amazing to sit back and look back and see how God has provided.

Last month I went to the dentist for just a regular cleaning.... last week my dentist called and said that the insurance I gave rejected me....
Well, if you'll remember I've only been married for about 5 months so we had just (what we thought) gotten me on MK's insurance and this was also a new dentist for me but the one that MK has gone to since he was little.
So, after the call from the dentist we called who we needed to call and come to find out I'm not on his dental or vision insurance yet... You can apparently only apply for those in now we have to wait for October of 2014 to apply/enroll in them and then they won't be active until January of 2015. But that didn't help our "problem" of the dentist not being fully paid yet...  So, we called back the dentist and told them what was up and they said they'd send the bill in the mail.

Now, I wasn't too worried about it. I knew we were okay and had enough that we could take care of it and be alright even though we might have to pinch a few pennies a little tighter (we don't want to have to dip into savings if we can help it). But it was still aggravating.

Anyway, we got the bill in the mail a few days ago.... with a letter attached... That said they were going to help us out and since MK had been with them for years the bill was "paid" in full. No need to worry about it.

God is AMAZING! I wasn't expecting it..but that's how He works.  I'm thankful that He is always there. He could of just stepped back and let us pay it and pinch pennies (but even then we would of made it I know with His help)...but He let us actually see this and gave us a reminder that He's still there and He's still watching out for His children.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

please come and stay spring

I'm so ready for Spring to come and stay. For about half a week it was so pretty and warm here. The hubby and I would take a walk every day. But it's back to being in the 40s...sometimes 50s. So we haven't been venturing out much.

I love Spring. It's one of my favorite times of year. Everything is so fresh and pretty and bright and new. There's new baby animals being born (I grew up on a farm, so this meant new baby calves). And in get to open up the windows and let it smell fresh and clean inside as well...unlike now where it smells stuffy and closed up. :(

I'm ready to start seeing things this like this again ^^^^^

Thursday, March 20, 2014

What I've Been Reading and Watching

Welcome to a new section of my blog. I want to update this once or twice a month so hopefully this will give you something new to watch or read.

First off, we'll start with movies. The most recent 3 that I've watched are....

Unstoppable, Eight Below, & Oxygen

Unstoppable is about a train that is on the runaway. I was on edge for most of the movie wondering what would happen! I really enjoyed it. It did however have some cuss words in it. I'm don't know why they can't make movies without em.

Eight Below is a fun movie about snow dogs. It did make me cry at times. (I'm an emotional movie watcher, lol) This did have some cuss words but it was kept to a minimum.


Oxygen was a crime, drama, thiller... not my kind of movie...but the hubs wanted to watch it so I watched it with him. It creeped me out a lot of the time...  It of course has cuss words in it too.

All in all, Eight Below and Unstoppable, I would watch again later on in life if given the chance. But, I'm not a person that watches a lot of movies more than once....

Now onto books...FYI, There a hardly any books that I have read more than once. I just can't do it. And I know I've read more than this one book this month but to be honest I don't remember the name of it....

So, The Christmas Quilt is what I read...I just finished it a few days ago. I loved it. It's an amish book written by Patricia Davids. Visit the link for more info regarding it. I'm not good with book reviews. haha


I started a book yesterdayish that I'm absolutely LOVING! I'm already almost half way through with it... I'll post about it later on when I've finished it and the 2nd one in that series.

If you're looking for a place that has Christian reviews of movies and videos I recommend Plugged In.

Now I'm off to read some more of my book. Have a great day everyone!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Frozen - Love Is An Open Door

I loved Frozen! Of course, I love just about anything Disney has ever put out...not all...but most.
I remember seeing the trailer for Frozen and couldn't wait for it to come out. I saw it as soon as I could find it online. (Yes, I'm cheap and don't go to the movie theaters. lol)
I've got most of the songs downloaded to my phone too.

I saw the following Youtube video the other day and just loved it. Enjoy!

Friday, March 14, 2014

I Don't Like Pie

Yes, you read the title right. I really don't like all. I don't care if it's chocolate, apple, pecan or any other kind of pie; I don't like it. I don't even like chicken pot pie...  And that means even though it's "Pi Day" today, I won't be eating pie.

I don't know what it is about pie that makes me not like it. I do like eating just plain pie crust with sugar on it but I don't like it when the pie filling touches it (I also don't like soggy things). Also, the texture of pie fillings...I can't stand.  But, maybe since I don't like pie, that means I'll stay healthier, right? Except I'm a big fan of chocolate cake and brownies.... *sigh*

Thursday, March 13, 2014

I'm Here To Write...

If you've been around here for a while you know that I'm terrible at blogging. I don't know why. I really want to blog...but I feel as if I don't have anything to write about. I live a boring life. But I really want this to be something that I can come back and look at later on in life and see what I've been up to. It probably won't have too many photos but then again sometimes it might. Things might be might think some of it is boring...but this is my place to write.

I'm going to write what I want. Only allow things on here that I want. Sponsorships have been done away with... On the right side you'll see some of the peoples blogs I like to read though. I will still continue to accept guest posts as long as I agree with what it's about and you/your blog.

If you read my blog and blog yourself...leave me a comment with your blog address...I love meeting new people. I can't promise I'll follow your blog but I will go have a look around and I just might follow you if I think it's something I'd like to read. I love reading other peoples blogs but I have too many probably as it is and some that I don't even read.

I'm thinking I might start posting what book I'm reading at the moment...Movie's I just watched...Tv Shows that have my hooked. I want this place to be about me. I want to stick with it...and if you don't like what I'm posting then go unfollow me. It's as simple as that.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

What is a Princess?

Today I have a guest post for you from a writer of Crown of Beauty Magazine.

Crown of Beauty is a magazine for Christian girls. The above is the cover of their February issue which will be available February 14th.

The following is titled "What is a Princess" by Kimberly Miller

Growing up, I loved princess stories. I wasn’t a huge fan of pink or lace or frills, but there was a certain aura surrounding the idea of princesses that I was drawn to like a bug to light on a warm summer’s night. For the longest time, though, I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what it was about princesses that inspired me so. Recently, I decided to sit down and try to figure it out. Here is what I discovered:
A Princess is a girl in process of becoming a woman. She is either born or married into a royal family. She knows who she is, has confidence in her identity, and lives out an inspiring adventure + love story that changes her and the people she meets. She has a wealth of resources and talent that she learns to use for the greater good of serving those around her. She knows that with great power and privilege comes great responsibility; and no matter the cost to herself, she takes that responsibility seriously. She does not allow her weaknesses to define her; rather, she strives to overcome them with humility and grace. She truly cares about others. She is curious – a learner at heart. She is honest and gentle and determined. She isn’t perfect, but she tries to do her best. Even though she might struggle with fear, she refuses to let it keep her down, choosing instead to cling to courage because she knows that other things are more important than fear. She is beautiful inside and out.
No wonder I looked up to princesses so much growing up.
See, I was the polar opposite. A princess was everything I wanted to be, but was not. I felt like a pauper with poor self-esteem who had no idea who I really was, living a humdrum ordinary life that wouldn’t really matter in the end, full of fear and selfishness and pride. And to top it all off, I felt ugly – on the outside and the inside.
Praise God that is not how my story ends.
When Jesus came and changed my life right before my 16th birthday, He gave me a place in His royal family – as part of His Bride, a daughter of the Most High King. He took messy me and began the long process of transforming my caterpillar self into a butterfly. He did what I thought was impossible – taking my dark, ugly, emptiness, and turning it into light and beauty. He is the One who gave me wings to fly, who makes me beautiful, who helps me overcome my fears and insecurities.
Beautiful soul, you too are a princess. How do I know that? Because your daddy is the King of Kings, and you are part of the Bride of Christ.
Maybe you’ve always loved princesses, or maybe you’ve thought they represent an ideal you could never be. Take heart, dear one! Being a princess is not out of your league, and it is not something you have to earn. It is something you are and something you become.
If you are born again into the family of God, then Beautiful, you are both born and married into the royal family. It’s a done deal. Even if you don’t feel like you’re a princess, you truly are. You may feel inadequate, poor, or unlovely – but the thing about being a princess? You are one whether you like it or not.
You cannot change the fact that you are a daughter of the King. What Jesus did for you is done – it will never change. And what He did for you and me sealed our identities as princesses for eternity.
Let that reality sweep over your heart and breathe fresh air into your spirit. You are a princess! You know what that means?
It means that you belong. You have an identity that will not change. You can be confident in your own personality – princesses come in all shapes and sizes. You have an inspiring adventure and love story to live out. You have a wealth of resources and talents that you can use to bless others. You have a responsibility to serve others and share the Gospel. You are not defined by your weaknesses, and you can overcome them through Jesus’ strength. You can walk in humility and grace, caring about others. You can be honest and gentle and determined and curious to learn about this grand world the Lord has made. You don’t have to be perfect because Jesus already did that for you. You are free to do your best without worrying that it’s not good enough. You can overcome fear with courage – focusing on that which is more important than fear. And you are beautiful, inside and out. I mean it.
Girl, you have a royal birthright. Own your title and tiara! It’s yours, given to you by the Prince of Peace who is madly in love with you. Walk in confidence. You’ve got a purpose to live out and a part to play in this fairytale of life. Now that you know who you are, walk right into the adventure that He wants to walk you through. Don’t be afraid of the dragons, ‘cause your Prince is always by your side. And in the end? We’re all going to live happily ever after.